who are we?

Unveiling Pearls was founded in 2015 by Pamela Adeyeba, young women’s mentor and jewellery designer. Unveiling Pearls works with young women to help them boost their self-esteem, self-confidence and help them embrace their uniqueness. We use the application of make-up as a vehicle to get young women to think and talk about their inner beauty, confidence, self-esteem and values. We provide workshops to schools, youth organisations, charities and churches.

why we do what we do

According to a report from NHS Digital in 2018, nearly 1 in 4 young women have a mental illness, with emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. The official NHS report found that young women aged between 17 and 19 were twice as likely as young men to encounter mental illness.

The cause of this can be put down to body image pressures, exam stress, the negative effects of social media, abuse and sexual assault.

Young women and have so much potential, but their prospects can be stopped or stifled when they are affected by mental illness, emotional problems and some of the issues I listed above.

What’s jewellery got to do with it?

We sell handmade Swarovski pearl jewellery. Pearls are precious and of great value and that’s how we at Unveiling Pearls see young women. The designs of our jewellery promotes the embracing of a woman’s uniqueness. View collection