5 ways for young women to cope during the lockdown

Coronavirus has officially taken over our lives or at least that is what it feels like right now. With lockdown in place, the Government has officially requested that you do not leave your house unless you have to. Giving this we are all now having to adjust to staying in for a long period of time which will be driving some people insane, especially the younger generation. Exactly why I wanted to create this post. We all need to be coming together at a time like this, talking, offloading our worries and most importantly helping others where we can.

Believe it or not, your mental health is what is going to get you through this period. Having the right mindset will affect every single thing you do. As a Christian, I hold on to my faith and my trust in God that He will see me through especially during times of uncertainty. When fear and anxiety arise in my heart, I find reading the Bible and spending time with God helps to calm my fears.

Here are some tips to help you stay strong, productive and prepared for when we resume normality.

1. There’s no need to put a stop to your routine

So you are either working from home or just home which in your mind means you have the flexibility to do things on your terms. Stop right there, already you have switched your mentality into a mind-frame that will not see you far. Instead do the opposite stick to the well-structured routine you already have, why because it worked for you until now. Yes, you are going to have to make some tweaks to your daily routine but doesn’t mean everything should suddenly be eliminated.

“You will never always be motivated, so must learn to be disciplined”

2. Health is your wealth especially now

By no means should you start slacking when it comes to your health? Your immune system needs to stay strong so keep up with a healthy diet. Try to exercise for at least ten minutes once a day. You could take a walk or you could download a free app to inspire your home workout routine, you would not believe how many resources you can find online like this.

“Prof. O'Neill also highlights exercise as a key element in keeping your immune system high. "It is a great de-stressor but also, the immune system can be a bit sluggish," he said. "If you do some exercise, more blood flow happens in your body and your immune system is churned into action". "Even in older people, a tiny bit of exercise is suffice"

3. Play with the extra time you have

I bet there has been a whole heap of things you have been meaning to do but haven't due to the usual daily grind. Now you have some time on your hands, use it. You do need to find the positives to help you cope during the lockdown and see through the other side. Start by writing a list of all the things you have been meaning to do. Whittle it down by eliminating what might be the impossible right now and work with what you have left. You might want to take a part-time online course to extend your skills, decorate the house or just enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. When you look at it from this angle this time at home can be a productive period.

“Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time you’ve got”

4. Be social we have other means

You will not be able to meet up with your best friend and go shopping and partying but you can still stay in touch. We are in isolation but doesn’t mean you have to be completely isolated, that will not help you cope during lockdown. Your friends probably feel the pain as much as you do. Get your friends on a group chat, pick up the phone. We have other means to stay connected let's use them.

5. Give each other some space

If there are more than one of you in your household the likelihood is you will at some point get on each other's nerves causing more anxiety, stress and bad energy in the home. You don’t have the option to go out for a few hours to get the space you need to make sure this is appreciated and respected. The last thing you want is arguments amongst the people you have to spend every minute with. 

These times are here to make us stronger, remember that. We want to make ourselves available to those who may be struggling right now. Head over to our contact page so we can arrange a chat.

Stay safe and Stay Home!

“You will be defined not just by what you achieve but by how you survive.”
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