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About Us

Unveiling Pearls was founded in 2015 by Pamela Adeyeba. Pamela is a Forbes Featured entrepreneur, qualified counsellor and make-up artist. She set up Unveiling Pearls in 2015 to empower women through the creative. She has been a born again Christian for over 9 years.

From someone who used to battle with shyness, second guessing herself and questioning what she could possibly have to offer, she is now an Accredited Counsellor with a private counselling practice and runs workshops and has a vision to inspire millions of women.



Pamela Adeyeba, PROF. DIP PSY C. offers counselling support for the following: Low self-esteem, Anxiety, People-pleasing, Overthinking, Worrying, Lack of confidence, Perfectionism, Self sabotaging behaviours and Self-doubt.


She provides a warm, non judgemental, supportive and collaborative counselling service where we can explore, discover and implement the changes you’d like to make in your life. We will go at a pace that works for you.

Find out more about our counselling service.



We provide workshops that use the application of make-up as a vehicle to get women to think and talk about their inner beauty, confidence, self-esteem and values.

Find out more about our workshops.

Unveiling Pearls works with women to help them boost their self-esteem, self-confidence and help them embrace their uniqueness.

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