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5 productive things to do during the lockdown

I came up with 5 productive things to do during lockdown for you to try by yourselves or with your entire family, no matter their age. Let us get those creative juices flowing. It’s about being productive during the lockdown and enjoying our time indoors before we go out into the hectic world where we would not have much time to spend by ourselves or with our loved ones.

1. Do some indoor/outdoor gardening

Stepping outside to get some fresh air and vitamin D is extremely helpful for our body and our mind. Whether you live in a small flat or a large house, introducing plants can transform your balcony, garden or home into a tranquil space. An outdoor or indoor garden can be your escape for a few hours and can be a great bonding time with your partner or children. Learning and teaching your siblings / children to grow their flower babies can bring joy and make your home visually beautiful. It can also improve your health, enhance your mood and help with creating oxygen, reducing loneliness and depression. Did you know plants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours? So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your hands dirty and plant a beautiful, healthy cocoon.

2. Get fit 

Sitting indoors and watching tv can take its toll on you. Why not start a healthy journey now. Exercising is tough at these times but trying to establish a routine that you can stick to on a daily/weekly basis is the first step. Find out the best time for you and your family to exercise. The second step is to find a space in your house where the exercise can take place or finding a park which you can walk/run to. Do not worry too much about space, if you're able to perform some exercises or have a good stretch you have all the space you need. Lastly, set your alarm so it does not slip your mind and slowly you will have created a routine. If you need encouragement, why not get on a Zoom call with your friends or family and exercise together? Put on Joe wicks or any other online exercise classes you enjoy and get hot and sweaty with your loved ones. 

3. Begin a journal 

To start a journal, all you need is a notebook and a pen. You do not have to know how to write well; you are not here to publish a book. The great thing about journaling Is that you can write about whatever you want, what is in your head? How was your day? What are your dreams and aspirations; do you have a To-do list? Dreams? Secrets? What do you remember from your childhood, the list is endless. Journaling is about emptying and clearing your mind on a piece of paper, whether it makes sense or not. What is the point you say? What does it do? Well, where do I start? 

• It can help you clear your head • Boost your mood • Let go of negative thoughts • Release pent-up feelings and everyday stress • Help you heal 

4. Decluttering 

You and I both know that loft, those top shelves in your kitchen and your wardrobe which has clothes that have not been worn for the last 5 years are waiting for a good decluttering. So why not do it now? When are we going to get this time ever again? We have been so busy working and running around trying to balance all those balls that life throws at us in our daily lives that everything gets pushed to the back of our minds, but now that we have no work and extra time on our hands making it the perfect time to clean out those untouched areas in our homes. Throw away any clothes you have not worn for a year, (those pair of jeans that you have been saying will fit you one day,) toys that your kids no longer play with, those pots and pans that have odd lids and those chipped cups and plates. If it has no purpose, it needs to be either thrown away or packed nicely and given to charity. This time can be therapeutic and once done, leaves you feeling calm and collective. It is like a declutter of the mind all at the same time. 

If you need any tips on how to start decluttering, go and check out @cluttercutdown on Instagram, they have the best tips and hacks to try out. 

5. Organising your photos 

Personally, this is by far my most favourite thing to do. Taking a trip down memory lane has bought back so many good moments and has bought a smile to my face. Get all those pictures that have been tucked away in a cupboard or on a hard drive somewhere and get nostalgic by organising them into either a photo album or frames. There is something about travelling back in time and being flooded with memories and emotions. There is nothing sweeter than sharing all those memories with someone else, whether it’s your partner or your children. Show them what grandma used to look like and remind yourself of how far you have come. This lockdown is just another memory you will talk about in a few years and say ‘those were the days.

Don’t go through this alone. There is plenty of support out there at the moment for every area of your life. What’s best is people are doing this for FREE to help with the economic crisis, so take it.

Stay Strong and Stay productive.

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