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Incorporating your goals in your daily routine

Happy New Year!

You may have had some goals mapped out for this year. Goals are necessary to help us achieve our vision, but actualising a goal is as important as setting it. One way of ensuring you don't give up on your plans so soon is to incorporate it into your daily activities. No matter the goal term or duration, it becomes less overwhelming and more achievable with these steps.

Step 1: Clearly Define Your Goals.

The first step is to have your goal defined in explicit terms. It is not just enough to say I want to start up a business this year. What kind of business do you want to have? At what level would you want it to be before the end of the year? So, your goal should answer the questions of what and how?

In setting goals, we must be realistic with what we can achieve per time. If not, we can get overwhelmed and discouraged in the long run. There's a difference between dreaming big and planning outrageously. When it comes to definition and setting goals, we need to work with measurable plans.

Step 2: Break them into smaller units for each day.

Planning explains the how-to of achieving the big dream. If you’re working on a fashion project. How do you get started? You can use the first month to start developing your brand name, research the market, etc. You can segment each of these activities weekly. Then daily, you can allocate time to each of the plans for the goal.

Maybe you're working on your savings this year. Have a figure in mind to save this year. Divide it into days and develop a plan to help you reach that figure. You can prepare your food every day, take a walk at short distances to work, and only spend a specific amount daily.

Step 3: Align in order of importance

You can get disoriented even with a lot of daily tasks to accomplish. The best way to avoid that is to write your daily routine in order of priority. You might have to focus on achieving one task before the other each day. Take up the most important thing needed to achieve your goal for that day.

Your priority can be to have your breakfast and lunch prepared at home every day since it will help you save on food at work. Setting priorities gives you focus and wades off distractions.

Step 4 - Have a Daily Routine Check

It's not enough to run around all day and not have your plans evaluated. While you set yourself up for your goals in the morning, you can review your results at night. How well did you keep to the time for each task? What did you achieve? What were the significant challenges you had?

Having a check gives you a better idea of how to improve or work the next day. You don't want to be doing the same thing and expecting different results. What can be more satisfying than knowing you're keeping track of your goals in the long run?

So, get your goals active by plans that make up your daily routine. It requires patience and discipline, but you will be glad you did.

Happy New Decade!

Pam x

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