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Inner Beauty Unveiled

A lot of the time, we tend to focus on what is on the outside. By this I mean that we are often concerned with our external appearance, as opposed to how we may look on the inside.

We carefully pick our clothes to wear sometimes in order to avoid being judged by others or to be seen a certain way. We care about having an outbreak of spots or a bad hair day because we feel as if they may ruin our look. In essence, we act in a manner which enables us to preserve our external beauty.


Though this is not an issue, I do not think it should be our primary concern. Essentially, I believe that we should focus on our inner beauty, rather than fully focusing on what is on the outside. The things that we have on the inside are the things that really make us who we are. We ought to, therefore, pay more attention to improving and maintaining our inner beauty, so that we always stay true to ourselves. 

Let us therefore take a closer look at how we can appreciate, maintain and improve our inner beauty. In order to appreciate your own inner   beauty, you must appreciate the attributes, or characteristics, that you possess.   

As humans, we all have characteristics which are unique to us. These characteristics are sometimes labelled as  “weird”, but that should not be the case. These unique characteristics are what make us beautiful, thus they contribute to our inner beauty.  

We  must, therefore, fully love the characteristics that we possess because they are the things that make us special, unique. 

Furthermore, to help you notice the importance of your inner beauty, and to help you realise just  how beautiful you are on the inside, you should surround yourself with people who prioritise inner beauty. 

By spending time with such people, you are more likely to adopt a similar mindset, therefore allowing you to appreciate and potentially improve your own inner beauty. You may also begin to feel happier about yourself, since the people surrounding you will be likely to tell you how beautiful you are on the inside. 

In conclusion, I hope to have highlighted the importance of inner beauty. I believe that inner and outer beauty go hand in hand; however, you must be able to see your inner beauty, in order to be truly happy. This is the hardest thing to do - especially in a society which is driven by looks - so do not worry if you struggle at first. If you  persist with this, you will reap the rewards!

I am holding a workshop on Saturday 27th July in Central London called ‘What's makeup got to do with it? - A workshop on self-esteem and inner beauty.’ 

It’s is an interactive and creative two-hour workshop exploring the way young women perceive themselves. We discuss inner beauty, self-confidence, self-esteem, identity and the effects of makeup in the way we relate in society.

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