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Three things I learned about myself during the lockdown

This year, the coronavirus pandemic necessitated a global lockdown and although it was abrupt and changed so many plans, it also gave us a break. A break from busy routines and overwhelming schedules that have, over time, caused us to lose touch with ourselves. 

When the lockdown first began, the uncertainty of it was so bothersome, it was almost all I could think about. Then as the days wore on, I decided to change my perspective and started seeing it as a chance to reconnect with my inner self. To root out bad habits that were affecting my growth, rediscover my strengths, and explore new things. These were some of the things I discovered.

  • I need to focus on the present more

The first thing I discovered during the lockdown was that I focused a lot of my time on work and made very little time for myself and my family. Back then, I didn’t notice this as much because I got myself into a routine. Over time I realized that even though I enjoy my job, sometimes I just need to take a break from it and live in the moment. To spend time with loved ones, watch movies, read books, take long walks, cook meals, and just be in the present. I learnt that living in the moment makes each day more meaningful and memorable. 

  • I’m more creative when there’s no pressure

I feel this is a bit obvious as not everyone likes to work under pressure. However, until we get that chance to work at our own pace, we never truly understand how much it improves our creativity. During the lockdown, I was able to explore my creativity to the fullest and it was both empowering and liberating. I also created a new statement jewellery collection. The Unveiling Pearls Jewellery Bold & Bright collection was launched in May and the aim is to empower women to be bold and step out in the face of uncertainty. View collection

  • Embarking on a counselling qualification

Lastly, I’ve been putting off studying to become a qualified counsellor for years! (I currently have a level 3 certification). My excuse was that I didn’t have time and that it never seemed like the ‘right’ time to do it. What was really behind it was fear of going back into studying again, how much commitment it would take and also writing alot of essays!

With all of these self-discoveries, I’ve decided that moving forward, I will try my best to enjoy each day as it comes without fretting about the past or the future. I’ll also take breaks occasionally to give my creativity the chance to soar.

What have you learned about yourself?

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